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Our mission is to become a high-quality whole house custom furniture supplier and manufacturer by providing competitive prices and excellent service.


Material standard policy

1. Quality is life, YADI believes that the best quality products are the most effective salespersons.


2. We ensure that all products and accessories (hardware, plates, countertops, etc.) are from leading domestic and foreign brands to ensure high quality.


3. We ensure that all products, accessories, and packaging pass 100% quality inspection before delivery, and there will be no problems with the products.


4. We ensure that all products are demonstrated and installed before shipment to ensure the integrity of all materials.


5. We ensure that all products meet export standards (such as CE, FCC, RoHS) and quality certification.


6. The warranty period of the product is at least 36 months.


7. We promise that all panels meet E0 / E1 environmental protection standards


8. We ensure that all products must comply with the relevant laws of the People's Republic of China.


Our Mission:
Customized furniture for the whole house with reliable quality.


corporate vision:
Become the world's leading supplier of custom furniture for the whole house.

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